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You have a growing family and you want to buy a house within the next two years. When you were single, however, you spent money beyond your means and missed a few credit card payments. That was over ten years ago, but delinquencies are still reflecting negatively on your credit report. Plus, there are some additional late payments that do not seem accurate. Your credit score is not looking good, and you do not know if you will be able to finance your dream home.

Fix Credit Express LLC offers credit repair service that can help improve your credit score. Our licensed and bonded credit consultants work with you to identify negative items on your credit report, pinpointing actions we can take to better your score. We work quickly, and we dispute items regularly to ensure we are delivering the best value and service.

Sometimes, outdated items are inaccurately reflected on your report, and removing them can substantially benefit your credit score. We correspond directly with the credit bureaus to address all questionable information, so you do not have to. At Fix Credit Express LLC, we know the rules of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and we ensure your credit score is being reported fairly and accurately.

If you have missed a payment by simply a couple of days and creditors reported a delinquency—which has a negative impact on your score—our credit repair service can help. We negotiate directly with your creditors and reach agreements that benefit you and your credit report.

At Fix Credit Express LLC, we provide credit repair service to the Atlanta, GA region. A good credit score can eliminate stress when it comes to financing purchases. Contact us today for more information.

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