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You apply for financing on your car only to realize you have a bad credit score and cannot obtain the loan. You are confused, embarrassed, and now you have to drive off the car lot in your old car. You are not sure what happened, because you pay your bills on time and your credit card has a low balance.

When you get home, you obtain your free credit report only to realize that for the last six months multiple fraudulent items have been reported. If only you had monitored your credit score, you could have addressed the issue sooner.

Whether this situation describes you or not, you can benefit from credit score tracking, because regular monitoring of your credit report can help mitigate damage from fraudulent or inaccurate activity. At Fix Credit Express LLC, we provide professional credit score tracking to customers in Atlanta, GA.

Do not only check your credit score once a year because you are allowed one free credit report from the three major credit bureaus every 12 months. It is critical to continually monitor activity. Credit score tracking can help you identify issues with your credit report, but it can also help you identify how your choices are positively or negatively influencing your credit score each month.

Credit score tracking with Fix Credit Express LLC allows you online access to your credit score and credit report. We monitor TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian credit reports daily and provide alert notifications when vital changes occur.

You also receive access to our licensed credit consultants who can explain any changes that occur and assist you if your identity is stolen. We understand the importance of your privacy and security, and we never disclose your personal information.

Choose us if you want to be proactive about monitoring your credit score. Fix Credit Express LLC offers comprehensive and affordable credit score tracking.

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